Cushing’s Awareness Day

Cushing’s syndrome is a rare and severe condition with excess mortality and significant morbidity. The signs and symptoms are common in other conditions — including hypertension, obesity and diabetes — so patients can spend several years suffering without being diagnosed.

The goal of Cushing’s Awareness Day is to help healthcare professionals diagnose patients, give patients the right treatment and alleviate their pain.

  • Sammy's story

    Watch a short video about Sammy and her journey through Cushing's disease, from her initial visit to her GP to her diagnosis and subsequent support.

  • Learn more about Cushing's syndrome


    Harvey Cushing

    Cushing’s Awareness Day is celebrated on April 8th, the birthday of Harvey Cushing. Known as the Father of Neurosurgery, Dr Cushing was the first exclusive neurosurgeon, and first described the syndrome in 1932.

    In 1912, Cushing reported in a study an endocrinological syndrome caused by a malfunction of the pituitary gland which he termed "polyglandular syndrome” – and which came to be known as Cushing’s Syndrome.

    Dr Cushing developed many foundational techniques and practices in neurosurgery, for example:

    • Using X-rays to diagnose brain tumours
    • The use of electrical stimuli to study the human sensory cortex
    • The development of the Bovie electrocautery tool with William T. Bovie, a physicist

    He was also the world's leading teacher of neurosurgeons in the early 20th century and considerably improved the survival of patients after difficult brain operations for intracranial tumors.

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