What is the epgonline.org ‘Specialty’ classification?


Our primary goal at epgonline.org is to enable healthcare professionals to access the information that is most relevant and interesting to them. In order to streamline the wide range of materials available, we classify the content according to the specialty or specialties for which it is likely to be of most interest.


We have examined the specialties recognised by a number of national and international organisations and classification systems. Our specialty list is based on either the type of patient (e.g. child, elderly), the affected organ/system (e.g. heart, musculoskeletal), the type of activity/procedure (e.g. diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical) or the setting (e.g. primary care, emergency, palliative).

The aim is for the list to be diverse enough to capture the wide range of possible specialties, while being small enough to allow logical and rapid classification of content – this should mean that the content you see on epgonline.org is as relevant to you, and as up-to-date as possible. Content related to the specialty/specialties you have selected will be presented to you when you are logged in to epgonline.org.

In tandem with the specialty list, we have implemented a disease list, which allows us to further classify the content on epgonline.org. To ensure that you are provided with the most relevant content, please update your profile to let us know which specialties and diseases are of most interest to you.