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New insights into biogenesis autophagosome have been presented by Tamotsu Yoshimori during the 2019 World Congress of Dermatology

Professor Tamotsu Yoshimori, has been devoting his life to understand mechanisms and physiological relevance of mammalian autophagy for the past 22 years.

He said: “We showed that high fat diet increases the amount of a negative regulator of autophagy, Rubicon, which we identified.”

Professor Yoshimori will be part of the plenary panel of speakers attending the 2019 World Congress of Dermatology in Milan, closing today.

He added: “Knockout of the gene dramatically improved non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in mice fed with high fat diet.”

Autophagy is an evolutionarily conserved membrane fusing from the cytoplasm to the lysosomes. Although the term “autophagy” (self-eating in Greek), was officially used for the first time in 1963, most of our understanding of the process has come after identifying yeast autophagy-related (ATG) genes in 1993 by Yoshinori Ohsumi.

“We have provided new insights into biogenesis of autophagosome, which have been at the core of longstanding debates. We found that the expression of Rubicon also increased in aged animals, thereby causing age-dependent suppression of autophagy.”

In 2009 Distinguished Professor of Osaka University identified Rubicon as a protein factor that suppresses autophagy by controlling each specific steps of its process.




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