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Therapeutic and diagnostic innovation

New safe and effective drugs have just been introduced into the therapies for the treatment of high social impact pathologies, such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

New non-invasive technologies allow an early and accurate diagnosis. Targeted therapies and cutting edge immunotherapies for advanced skin tumours can also increase life expectancy.

Today’s skin cosmetology is no longer about fillers; it is rather focused on remodelling and regeneration of tissues. The non-surgical approach is not invasive and allows achieving skin rejuvenation, body remodelling along with a non-invasive techniques.

These are some of the main topics that will be dealt during the 24th Congress of Dermatology (hereafter WCD2019) at the Milan Conference Centre until Saturday 15 June.

WCD2019 is back in Italy after 47 years and will gather leading experts from all over the world in order to share experiences and knowledge. This will represent a unique opportunity to address recent scientific findings as well as their impact on hospital practice.

Being the cause of epidermal homeostasis, the skin microbiota will be one of the main topics to be addressed; new gene therapy with epithelial stem cells will be presented by Michele De Luca, Professor at the university of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Professor De Luca saved years ago a Syrian child who was suffering from epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a severe genetic illness.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be another important subject as it will be largely impacting in the non invasive diagnosis of melanoma and other skin lesions. Nevertheless its application will always be led and interpreted by the human being.

Harvey Lui, who is Professor at the University of British Columbia and President of the ILDS notes that, “The ILDS is delighted to be returning its European roots for the 24th World Congress of Dermatology in Milan. It has been 130 years since the first World Congress took place in Paris in 1889.”

Giovanni Pellacani, who is Professor at the University of Modena e Reggio Emilia and President of WCD2019 said: “Over the last few years Dermatology has changed its skin to a point where it is currently possible to talk about real treatment, not only control, for many inflammatory and devastating diseases”.

He added: “Concerning skin cancer, important developments have taken place in oncologic dermatology along with new non-invasive technologies and new advanced therapies”.

High-calibre experts will be part of the plenary session:

  • Professor Emma Guttmann: One of the world’s leading experts on atopic dermatitis working at the Mount Sinai Hospital.
  • Giuseppe Argenziano: Professor and Head of the Dermatology Unit at the University of Campania, Nap es. He is a prominent expert in Oncologic Dermatology.
  • Lorenzo Cerroni: Professor at the University of Graz and world-renowned dermathopathologist.

Five distinguished and exclusive speakers will discuss Medical and scientific issues.

  • Nobel Prize Tamotsu Yoshimori: Professor of cell biology at the Osaka University.
  • Italian senator for life Elena Cattaneo: Biologist and leading expert in stem cells and neurodegeneration.  
  • Dr Thomas Boller: Professor working for the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Germany. He was awarded for his outstanding research on Active Galactic Nuclei.
  • Dr Paul Redmond: Leading expert in generational theory and employability at the University of Liverpool.
  • Dr John O’Shea: Professor and biologist from the US who received multiple awards. He is specialized in Internal Medicine, Allergy and Immunology.

Ketty Peris, who is Professor at Policlinico Gemelli of Rome and Secretary-General of WCD2019, said: “This congress aims at gathering scientists from all over the world; this is a chance to share results of their studies”. She added: “A new era for Global Dermatology is the theme we chose because the Congress will be focused on new technologies applied to Dermatology. This shows how vast and fascinating our medical discipline is.”

24th World Congress of Dermatology takes place under the aegis of the International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS). The Italian Society of Dermatology (SIDeMaST) is the national organiser and Triumph Group is be the PCO of 24th World Congress of Dermatology. 




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