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Psoriasis Knowledge Centre relaunches on

Despite its prevalence and continuing effect on patient quality of life, psoriasis remains a considerable challenge for healthcare professionals.

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Atopic Dermatitis Knowledge Centre launched on

Bringing together practical tools and the latest diagnostic techniques, the The Atopic Dermatitis Knowledge Centre contains  a comprehensive guide to this chronic, relapsing skin condition

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Accredited CME: The future of urticaria – advances in CSU research - launched to

This educational activity is based on presentations given at the symposium ‘The future of urticaria – advances in CSU research’ at EAACI 2017. 

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New inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) Knowledge Centre

A tool for healthcare professionals who treat inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) has launched on

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New publication digest and infographic for Cardiologists.

The Acute and Advanced Heart Failure Knowledge Centre has been updated to feature new journal publication extracts & an infographic on heart failure.

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New: Symposium videos & presentations for immunologists, dermatologists and allergists

EADV 2017 highlights published to the CSU Knowledge Centre

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Prof Vincent interview - Defining the eCASH Concept in PAD Management

Jean-Louis Vincent, from the Department of Intensive Care at the University of Brussels, discusses the importance of the eCASH concept he has pioneered in recognising pain, agitation and delirium management. 


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Horizons: a series of opinion & insight articles on disruptive healthcare in practice

The team at is excited to launch the first in a series of insight and opinion articles, taking a look at some of the emerging trends in the healthcare landscape.

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