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Testosterone slows prostate cancer recurrence in low-risk patients

US researchers have shown that testosterone replacement slows the recurrence of prostate cancer in low-risk patients.

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DNA of sperm taken directly from testicles of infertile men is “as good as sperm from fertile men”

Sperm DNA from the testicles of many infertile men is as good as that of ejaculated sperm of fertile men, which could explain a major cause of male infertility and opens the possibility to overcome their infertility.

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Hormonal treatment may trigger depression in men with prostate cancer

Men who receive anti-hormonal treatment after having their prostate removed are 80% more likely to suffer from depression than men who don’t receive this treatment.

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Study suggests personality tests may improve care for prostate cancer patients

Between a quarter and a fifth of men in developed countries are significantly more likely to suffer from adverse events such as erectile dysfunction and incontinence, which may put their recovery from prostate cancer surgery at risk.

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