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Alkermes plc announced the presentation of new health economics and outcomes research at the 32nd Annual Psych Congress ( Psych Congress ) . This research reflects the company's continued commitment to improving care for, and understanding the unique needs of, people living with serious mental illness.

Alkermes presented results from two recently completed online surveys evaluating the treatment experiences of people living with schizophrenia (n=200) and bipolar I disorder (n=200), including side effects associated with oral antipsychotic medications. Key findings related to survey respondents' prior experiences with antipsychotic medications include: nearly all participants (98% for both schizophrenia and bipolar I disorder) reported having experienced at least one or more treatment side effect; For both patient populations, dislike of side effects was the most common reason cited for non-adherence to oral antipsychotic medications; Weight gain was reported as the most bothersome (combining survey responses of "very bothersome" and "extremely bothersome") side effect for both patient populations; Respondents in both patient populations reported that side effects associated with oral antipsychotic medications had a negative impact on their social functioning, including work, social activities, relationships with friends and family, and romantic relationships.

The surveys also sought to capture participant preferences: When asked to consider trade-offs between improvements in symptoms versus side effects for a hypothetical new oral antipsychotic medication, 67% of the people with schizophrenia who were surveyed selected improvement in symptoms over improvements in side effects, highlighting a desire for highly efficacious therapies; Respondents with bipolar I disorder ranked anxiety, weight gain and "feeling like a zombie" as the top three side effects they would most want to avoid in a potential new oral antipsychotic medication.


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