Written by epgonline.org - Last updated 06 June 2017

Learning Zone features A–Z

We constantly strive to improve our educational content, including the development of formats and features to improve the learning experience for our audience. A summary of the main features that can be found in our Learning Zones is listed below.

Case studies

Anonymised patient cases are provided by collaborating physicians and developed into educational items giving examples of situations that occur in medical practice.

Clinical media library

A collection of materials such as journal articles, clinical trials and news stories relevant to the Learning Zone topic are collated and displayed in an easy-access format. These are updated automatically as new content becomes available.


Interactive continuing medical education (CME) modules developed as educational activities, often including interactive assessments and requiring demonstration of knowledge to receive a certificate and/or points from the accrediting body.

Disease awareness

A standard feature of our Learning Zones, providing a fully referenced overview of the disease area including topics such as epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, prognosis and outcomes.


Listings of relevant congresses, meetings and conferences where the disease area may be discussed, including global, regional and local events where available. Provides links to the event website where more information and registration details can be found.

FAQ (ask the expert)

Allow doctors and other healthcare professional users to post questions to experts in the field, who will subsequently provide written answers. A list of previous questions and answers is also provided for further information.


An exploration of the current guidelines on diagnosis and treatment in the disease area, including global, regional and national guidance where available.


Downloadable materials giving a visually-appealing description of key facts and figures.

Interactive publications

Journal articles brought to life for you to explore in a non-linear way, to enhance the learning experience.


Useful links to relevant websites and resources for healthcare professionals – including professional societies, educational websites, online calculators, and so on.

Multiple languages

Some Learning Zones are available in additional languages as well as English. You will automatically be presented with the language of your location where available, and you can also switch language from a menu within the LZ. Please note that since the content is translated from the English language version, there may be differences in the content due to the time required to produce the non-English versions.

Patient resources

A collection of materials and links which you may find useful for discussion with (or distribution to) your patients and their families.

Publications digest

Recent journal article abstracts relevant to the disease area are selected and summarised, to help put the latest research into context.


A collection of useful materials and features, including links, videos, podcasts, calculators, infographics, downloadable items, and so on.


Slide presentations summarising key content areas, for you to view or download and present to your peers or students.

Symposia and congress

Content from national and international congresses, including sponsored satellite symposia, oral sessions and poster presentations.


A summary of the treatment options available, including their mode of action, efficacy and key safety data, primarily based around treatments approved in Europe. Of course, decisions on which treatment to prescribe are ultimately the responsibility of the prescribing healthcare professional, and the information is offered only to assist in this area.

Video channel

Video content including round-table discussions, mode of action animations, expert opinion pieces and symposium presentations can be viewed in these areas. Content is frequently provided by our sponsors, and is reviewed by the EPG Health Media team to ensure it is fair and balanced.