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Acute and Advanced Heart Failure

Acute and Advanced Heart Failure

What are the most effective treatments for acute heart failure? Can you define advanced heart failure? Discover here...

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See information on psoriasis pathophysiology, signs and symptoms, comorbidities, treatment options, and more.

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Pressure ulcers: prevention and management of pressure ulcers

This guideline covers risk assessment, prevention and treatment in children, young people and adults at risk of, or who have, a pressure ulcer (also known as a bedsore or pressure sore).

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Management of chronic venous leg ulcers

The guideline provides evidence-based recommendations on the management of chronic venous leg ulcers including: assessment; treatment; prevention of recurrence; provision of care; and a checklist for provision of information.

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Safe and effective deodorization of malodorous fungating tumors using topical metronidazole 0.75 % gel (GK567): a multicenter, open-label, phase III study (RDT.07.SRE.27013).

Malignant fungating tumors are neoplastic tumors associated with skin ulcers, which are susceptible to microbial colonization. Bacterial infection and proliferation may lead to malodor causing distress to patients.

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Comparative Effectiveness of a Bioengineered Living Cellular Construct vs. a Dehydrated Human Amniotic Membrane Allograft for the Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers in a Real World Setting.

We evaluated the comparative effectiveness of a bioengineered living cellular construct (BLCC) and a dehydrated human amnion/chorion membrane allograft (dHACM)...

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Simvastatin as a novel therapeutic agent for venous ulcers: a randomized, double–blind, placebo–controlled trial

Background:Although the standard treatment for venous ulcers is compression, drugs may be used as adjunctive therapy. Simvastatin has shown potential...

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Pressure ulcers: assessment and management

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