What is the epgonline.org ‘Disease’ classification?


Our primary goal at epgonline.org is to enable healthcare professionals to access the information that is most relevant and interesting to them. We host a wide range of materials on the site, and group our content according to the ICD-10 classification of diseases.

Using ICD-10 as a basis for our system enables us to group >60,000 diseases, disorders and clinical situations into around 250 categories. This classification system is small enough to enable you to choose the disease categories that are most relevant to your practice, or simply of most interest to you. Some of these disease groups are concise, while by necessity, others have a more diverse range of components. We have amended some of the ICD-10 disease names to make them easier to display.


We know the frustrations of struggling to find the information you want, and believe this is the best way to solve that problem. This list of diseases enables us to rapidly classify content that we host, keeping you up-to-date while giving you only the materials that you want. When you log in to epgonline.org, content classified to diseases you have selected will be presented directly to you.

In tandem with the disease list, we have implemented a specialty list, which allows us to further classify the content on epgonline.org. To ensure that you are provided with the most relevant content, please update your profile to let us know which diseases and specialties are of most interest to you.