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Accrediting Body

Union of European Medical Specialists (via European Accreditation Council for CME)

Expected length

60 minutes


1 credit


Payment required (90)

After completing this module you should:

  • Know how to obtain consent that is valid
  • Be able to identify which patients are competent to give consent
  • Know when and how to obtain consent in emergency situations
  • Know who can obtain consent.

Category Value
Expiry date 08-Aug-18
Credit type Credit
Registration with provider required Yes
Certificate available Yes
Author(s) BMJ Learning clinical editors
Multi session No
Intended audience(s) Chiropractor, Specialist, Physiotherapist, Psychologist, Physician Assistant, Osteopath, Pharmacist, Optician/ ophthalmologist, Nutritionist/Dietician, Occupational Health Therapist, Nurse/Advanced Practice Nurse, Midwife, Medical Student, General Practitioner, Dentist, Social Worker

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