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About Lauren McCracken

Lauren McCracken works for our sister agency Digital Medical Communications (DMC Ltd) as an Associate Medical Writer. Lauren is very passionate about healthcare and how technology can improve treatments, and has written a blog series 'Transforming lives through technology' available on

Outside of work Lauren enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures.




Blog posts by Lauren McCracken

EAACI hot topics: Hereditary angioedema (HAE)

For many the fear of the unknown is a daunting thought, but particularly so for patients with HAE. Left untreated, this disease causes unpredictable recurrent severe swelling, typically of the limbs, face, intestinal tract and airway.

Posted 8 months ago

Transforming Lives Through Technology: Diabetes

Right now, with a swipe or tap, I can tell you how many calories I’ve consumed, how far I’ve walked and how well I slept last night. However, digital health technology and its analytics have mixed reviews from the general public, some become obsessed wanting to know every macronutrient that goes into their body and others see it as just another gimmick. But what about those with chronic conditions like diabetes?

Posted 1 year ago

EAACI hot topics: Allergen specific immunotherapy (AIT)

When should AIT be used to treat your patients with allergies? Is it right for every allergy? And do we really know the long-term effects of this treatment? This blog highlights some of the talking points surrounding AIT discussed at this year’s EAACI Congress.

Posted 9 months ago