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Alex studied Biological Sciences at university before joining EPG Health in January 2017, where he works as a digital content manager and editor.

In his spare time, Alex enjoys relaxing with a cool pint in the company of good friends. 


Blog posts by Alex Keen

ECCMID 2018 ‒ Antibiotic resistance: an immediate and growing threat

This year’s ECCMID is hosting a large number of sessions discussing antibiotic resistance, an immediate and pressing issue that has been described as ‘one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today'.

Posted 1 month ago

ELCC 2018 ‒ Roundup of this year’s conference

At the recent ELCC, held from 11‒14 April 2018, several hundred abstracts were presented detailing the latest cutting-edge research in lung cancer treatment and care. Brief summaries of some of the key abstracts are found here.

Posted 1 month ago

EBCC 2018 – Roundup of this year's conference

At the recent European Breast Cancer Conference the best and brightest in breast cancer research and care met to present and discuss the latest breakthroughs. Brief summaries of some of the key abstracts are found here.

Posted 1 month ago

ILC 2018 – Targetable pathways in liver disease: from identification to clinical application

A number of studies from the speakers at this year's ILC Basic Science Seminar are discussed here, focusing on targetable pathways in liver disease, covering pathway identification, potential drug targets and their clinical application.

Posted 1 month ago

ELCC 2018 ‒ And the Heine H. Hansen Award goes to…

Discover this year's Heine H. Hansen award winner, given to a scientific investigator who has made special, wide-reaching and significant contributions to lung cancer research and education, recognising their lifelong achievements.

Posted 1 month ago