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Bad smells are good

Delicacy is not a virtue in this job.

Liam Farrell

Dr Liam Farrell is from Rostrevor in Northern Ireland. He was a family doctor in Crossmaglen, ...

From feedback to feature: the evolution of epgonline.org

Our free and independent website for healthcare professionals (HCPs) worldwide has been redeveloped thanks to valuable input from you: our epgonline.org community and survey takers. Find out about key new features here.

epgonline.org team

Musings from the team behind epgonline.org

Zika Virus: old lessons from a newly emerging pathogen

Virologist-turned-Science Writer, Dr. Heather Lander, discusses the emergence of Zika virus and what we know so far.

Heather Lander, PhD

Heather Lander has a PhD in Experimental Pathology and spent her research days studying hemorrhagic ...

Hypogonadism – why important to diagnose and treat?

Most clinicians and patients think that the purpose of treating hypogonadism is to merely relieve symptoms. However, this only scratches the surface... 

Monica Caliber

I am a medical writer with a Master Degree in Nutrition from the University of Stockholm and the ...

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Hugh Harvey

Metrics Madness

Posted 1 year ago

You shouldn't judge a book by its cover. That much is true, but it's also common sense not to judge a book by measuring the whiteness of its pages, or the amount of hamsters you can place on it. So why do we measure the fabulous NHS with nonsense metrics?

Edzard Ernst

But he knows nothing about homeopathy!

Posted 1 year ago

Whenever I criticise their methods, homeopaths claim that my arguments are invalid because I know next to nothing about the subject. Is this because they feel threatened by my arguments? Or could it be that the allegation is incorrect?

You can judge for yourself - here is a (slightly shortened and revised) excerpt from my recent memoire ‘A SCIENTIST IN WONDERLAND’ which recounts my exposure to and experience in homeopathy.

Robin Hewings

Diabetes Patients Must Be Better Educated About Their Condition

Posted 1 year ago

Not everyone is convinced that education courses help people look after their diabetes. And the GP I was chatting to a couple of months ago was one of them. He wasn’t sure they worked. People didn’t seem that interested and he wasn’t really sure what people would learn anyway.

Am Ang Zhang

Autism: Challenges and Obstacles!

Posted 1 year ago

Retired child psychiatrist Am Ang Zhang discusses his experiences of working with the families of autistic children.

David Warriner

What is Overdiagnosis?

Posted 1 year ago

Overdiagnosis is the diagnosis of disease that will cause neither morbidity nor mortality during a patient’s lifetime. Doctors are trained to listen, examine, test, diagnose and treat patients, but we are not warned of the possible dangers of “diseases”, the diagnosis of which will not benefit the patient and may also lead to harm. I would argue that the Hippocratic oath, in particular “Primum non nocere” (first, do no harm) should be at the forefront of every clinician’s mind when seeing patients.

Alastair Miller

What is Tropical Medicine?

Posted 1 year ago

At first sight this seems a question with an obvious response and not one that requires much debate in this blog. However, the answer may be more complex than it initially appears and may benefit from further exploration.

Am Ang Zhang

Autism: Frances Tustin and Entrenchment!

Posted 1 year ago

Am Ang Zhang discusses his work with pioneering child psychotherapist Frances Tustin, and his observations of entrenchment in autistic children.

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