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Case Files: Gynecologic Surgery provides 40 clinical cases to illustrate evidence-based practice in the gynecologic surgery patient. Each case includes open-ended questions, extended discussion, Practice Pearls, a “Controversy” discussion, comprehension questions, and references to the most current literature with a brief critique of each article. With this unique learning system, you'll learn how to become a better clinician in the context of real patients and the latest evidence-based medicine. 

This free application includes 1 sample case study from the 40 that are available through an in-app purchase of $29.99 of Case Files Gynecologic Surgery. The 40 high-yield cases in Gynecologic Surgery will help you excel on the clerkship and improve your shelf-exam score. 

Each case has been designed for the iPad and iPhone/iPod with interactive features. With this system, you will learn in the context of real patients, rather than merely memorize facts.
• 40 clinical cases, each with USMLE-style questions 
• Clinical pearls that highlight key concepts 
• Primer on how to approach clinical problems and think like a doctor 
• Proven learning system that improves shelf-exam scores

iPhone, iPod, and iPad App Features:
• Study/Exam/Bookmark modes are available for USMLE-style review questions.
• In the Study mode, check the answers as you tackle the questions.
• In the Exam mode, time yourself and review the answers after the time is up.
• In the Bookmark mode, review only the questions you have flagged for further study.
• File away correctly answered questions after each practice quiz.
• Choose the number of questions in each practice quiz: 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, or all.
• Opt to include questions from previous quizzes.
• Learn further from interactive questions at the end of each case, with explanations.
• Sort cases by name or by case number.
• Take down notes using the Notes section for each case.
• Study in horizontal or vertical mode on the iPhone and the iPad.
• Store quiz scores to track your progress.
• Highlight key points in cases. 
• Save to iCloud to use app on multiple devices
• Choose preferred font sizes
• Create tags
• Search content

App Contents:

Section I: How to Approach Clinical Problems 
• Part 1. Approach to the Patient 
• Part 2. Approach to Clinical Problem Solving 
• Part 3. Approach to Surgical Therapy 

Section II: Clinical Cases: 40 Case Scenarios
Section III: Listing of Cases
• Listing by Case Number
• Listing by Disorder 

Each case includes the following sections:
Case Description
• Answers to
• Approach to
• Clinical Pearls
• Case Questions and Answers 

What's new

Updated to address user requests:

  1. Save to iCloud to use app on multiple devices
  2. More control over font sizes


Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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