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Latest News

Added 4 hours ago Drug news

FDA issues a Complete Response Letter to Evolus for DWP 450 a proposed treatment for glabellar lines.

Evolus, Inc.has announced updates related to the regulatory progress of its pending Biologics License Application (“BLA”) for DWP 450 (prabotulinumtoxinA)...

Added 4 hours ago Drug news

Pfizer announces Phase III study of Lyrica for patients with pediatric epilepsy.

Pfizer Inc. announced positive top-line results of a Phase III study examining the use of Lyrica (pregabalin) Oral Solution CV...

Added 4 hours ago Drug news

Phase III SPARTAN study of Erleada shows reduced risk of prostate cancer.- Janssen Pharma.

Janssen Pharmaceutical presented a post-hoc analysis from the Phase III SPARTAN study that showed treatment with Erleada (apalutamide) significantly reduced...

Looking to the horizon - Breakthrough drugs and treatments

Marshall Pearce

Left ventricular assist devices – A viable therapeutic option for heart failure?

Posted 11 months ago

Alongside a pharmacological strategy to aid myocardial recovery, LVADs may prove to have a significant role to play in the ever-growing problem of heart failure. Although LVADs are not new onto the scene, the advance of technology – smaller, more efficient devices with better reliability and potentially transcutaneous power transfer – means we may be on the cusp of seeing many more deployed to tackle heart failure.

Marshall Pearce

Cancer immunotherapies

Posted 1 year ago

It was the winner of the 1908 Nobel prize for medicine, Paul Ehrlich, who is first credited with discussing the concept of a “magic bullet”, able to target specific cells without damaging healthy tissue. With the advent of immunotherapy, as well as antibody-drug conjugates, we are beginning to realise this vision.

Marshall Pearce

How close are we to a disease-modifying treatment for Alzheimer’s?

Posted 5 months ago

Alzheimer’s disease is a snowballing problem, one that is currently without a convincing solution. The progressive decline in cognitive function seen in patients with Alzheimer’s disease is associated strongly with plaques formed of amyloid beta in the brain, creating neurofibrillary tangles and leading to neuronal destruction. While some treatments improve cognition in the short-term, current therapeutic options are unable to modify or slow the disease process.

Selected congress insight

Alex Keen

ECCMID 2018 ‒ Antibiotic resistance: an immediate and growing threat

Posted 1 month ago

This year’s ECCMID is hosting a large number of sessions discussing antibiotic resistance, an immediate and pressing issue that has been described as ‘one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today'.

Alex Keen

ELCC 2018 ‒ Roundup of this year’s conference

Posted 1 month ago

At the recent ELCC, held from 11‒14 April 2018, several hundred abstracts were presented detailing the latest cutting-edge research in lung cancer treatment and care. Brief summaries of some of the key abstracts are found here.

Alex Keen

ILC 2018 – Targetable pathways in liver disease: from identification to clinical application

Posted 1 month ago

A number of studies from the speakers at this year's ILC Basic Science Seminar are discussed here, focusing on targetable pathways in liver disease, covering pathway identification, potential drug targets and their clinical application.

Alex Keen

EBCC 2018 – The multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer care

Posted 2 months ago

The focus of this year’s European Breast Cancer Conference is the importance of multidisciplinary working. Explore the origins of multidisciplinary cancer care and the evidence surrounding it.