Professor Renato Lopes

Meet cardiologist Professor Renato Lopes and learn more about the ground breaking AUGUSTUS trial in patients with atrial fibrillation with ACS and/or PCI in these video interviews.

  • Professor Renato Lopes

    Professor Lopes introduces himself.

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  • What unmet needs still need to be addressed in AF, particularly surrounding anticoagulation therapy and stroke prevention?

    We have come a long way in the past 10 years with the development of new drugs for stroke prevention with lower bleeding risk. Find out more.

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  • What made the AUGUSTUS trial such a game-changer and why was it needed?

    Learn about the trial which answered two important questions to help in clinical decision making.

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  • Does this mean that antithrombotic strategies are better without aspirin? Is less really more?

    Find out why less is definitely more in terms of bleeding with a regime of apixaban and a P2Y12 inhibitor.

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  • What was the ENTRUST study and how does this provide context to the AUGUSTUS trial?

    Find out more about the most recent trial testing a DOAC.

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  • What further insights have the incorporation of AUGUSTUS data to recent meta-analysis given us?

    Find out about why AUGUSTUS is the heavyweight of the meta-analysis.

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  • How will this help provide a more robust and tailored prescription in high risk patients?

    Find out how the recent meta-analysis adds weight to the ‘less is more’ argument when treating patients with atrial fibrillation with ACS and/or PCI.

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  • Is double therapy really the best option for all patients with AF and recent ACS or PCI?

    Learn why double therapy is a safe strategy for most patients but longer aspirin treatment might still be suitable for some patients.

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  • In the future will there still be a need for triple therapy?

    Professor Lopes describes how the AUGUSTUS study has answered this question for the majority of patients.

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  • What’s the future outlook of anticoagulation management in AF?

    Find out why we are currently in a new era of anticoagulation.

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  • Is there anything else that we need to be aware of when using NOACs as a treatment?

    Find out what the trade-off is when using a DOAC.

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