How do comorbidities impact patients with psoriasis?

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  • What is the prevalence rate of psoriasis?

    How many people experience psoriasis and how does that differ geographically? In this video, Professors Gisondi and Gyulai highlight the general prevalence rates for psoriasis, address how this is affected by geography, and describe the relative psoriasis severity levels within the patient population.

  • How does psoriasis affect patients’ quality of life?

    Psoriasis can prevent a range of daily problems to patients, impacting their day-to-day quality of life. However, its not just the physical burden that is an issue. Our experts address quality of life in patients with psoriasis and provide insights into the psychological burden of the disease.

  • What should be the primary treatment goal of psoriasis?

    In recent years, the efficacy of psoriasis treatments has substantially improved and seen treatment goals increase from PASI 50 to PASI 75. However, should we be aiming higher than PASI 75 now that PASI 100 is achievable for many patients? Our experts offer their thoughts on what the most appropriate treatment goal is, how this may differ between counties and the need to listen to the patient.

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