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In the past decade, an explosion of new treatments, including those with novel mode of actions, have revolutionised the psoriasis armamentarium. How many patients can expect to benefit from these new treatments? What are the ongoing unmet needs among patients with psoriasis? How have the new therapies influenced the current treatment guidelines and what can we expect in the near future? Professor Paolo Gisondi and Professor Rolland Gyulai (click to see biographies and disclosures) address these topics and more in the following video series.

  • What is the prevalence rate of psoriasis?

    How many people experience psoriasis and how does that differ geographically? In this video, Professors Gisondi and Gyulai highlight the general prevalence rates for psoriasis, address how this is affected by geography, and describe the relative psoriasis severity levels within the patient population.

  • What are the most urgent unmet needs among patients with psoriasis?

    Psoriasis is a debilitating chronic condition, but what are the most pressing unmet needs? Watch our experts discuss undertreatment, treatment longevity and how the most difficult to treat patients may not be those with severe disease.

  • How does psoriasis affect patients’ quality of life?

    Psoriasis can prevent a range of daily problems to patients, impacting their day-to-day quality of life. However, its not just the physical burden that is an issue. Our experts address quality of life in patients with psoriasis and provide insights into the psychological burden of the disease.

  • How do comorbidities impact patients with psoriasis?

    Psoriasis is not just a skin disease. While psoriatic arthritis may be the most common comorbidity, our experts discuss the impact of other comorbidities such as cardiovascular and metabolic conditions.

  • What should be the primary treatment goal of psoriasis?

    In recent years, the efficacy of psoriasis treatments has substantially improved and seen treatment goals increase from PASI 50 to PASI 75. However, should we be aiming higher than PASI 75 now that PASI 100 is achievable for many patients? Our experts offer their thoughts on what the most appropriate treatment goal is, how this may differ between counties and the need to listen to the patient.

  • How important is treatment longevity when choosing a therapeutic option?

    When choosing a treatment for your patients with psoriasis what do you consider? Cost, effectiveness? Professor Paolo Gisondi and Professor Rolland Gyulai discuss the importance of considering treatment longevity due to the chronic nature of psoriatic disease.

  • How have the guidelines and treatment armamentarium changed recently?

    With several new treatments being approved in recent years, how have the guidelines changed and what do we expect to see in the future? Watch our experts discuss the addition of secukinumab and apremilast to the guidelines and the approval of new anti-IL-17 and anti-IL-23 therapies.

  • What role will biosimilars play in the management of psoriasis?

    How will biosimilars be implemented in the treatment paradigm? Our experts discuss the benefits of biosimilars but highlight ongoing concerns among their colleagues over their use.

  • Biographies and disclosures

  • Associate Professor Paolo Gisondi

    Read a biography of Associate Prof. Paolo Gisondi, an expert in the field of psoriasis.

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  • Professor Rolland Gyulai

    Read a biography of Prof. Rolland Gyulai, an expert in the field of psoriasis.

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