• Standardising management

    Conclusions of a European ICU nurse workshop about how to manage pain, agitation and delirium to improve outcomes – animated summary and full journal article.


Standardising management of pain, agitation, and delirium in the intensive care unit (ICU)

International guidelines help professionals to provide patient-centred care at Intensive Care Units, but still, there are gaps in pain, agitation and delirium management. This video summarises the panel discussion and conclusions of a European ICU nurse workshop about HOW TO MANAGE PAIN, AGITATION AND DELIRIUM WITHIN THE INTENSIVE CARE UNIT and improve outcomes. The working group aimed to provide a roadmap to help healthcare providers in varied settings understand and implement evidence-based treatment for ICU patients.

You can view the full article for free on the Science Direct website:

Full article: Gaps in pain, agitation and delirium management in intensive care: Outputs from a nurse workshop


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