“It only works as a team-effort"

How should the management of pain, agitation and delirium look like in a year 2017 intensive care unit?

Due to modern advances in respiration systems, deep sedation is no longer necessary or advantageous for the patient.

In what way does the eCASH concept take the “traditional” concept of PAD management further?

The eCASH concept has developed from traditional methods of PAD management.

What are the main organisational challenges before introducing a scheme like eCASH?

An interdisciplinary approach to eCASH implementation is imperative to its success.

How can PAD management be implemented in a way that it becomes independent of individual champions?

A team effort is extremely important when implementing the eCASH protocol.

How is intensive care organised in Belgium? How steep are the hierarchies? And what does that mean for the implementation of PAD management?

A system which allows everybody working at the bedside to articulate their opinion improves patient care, comfort and outcomes.