• Daniel Conway

Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine Specialist – Manchester Royal Infirmary

Dr Daniel Conway is a specialist in Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine at Manchester Royal Infirmary one of Britain's largest hospitals. He is the Perioperative Medicine Lead for the organisation. Daniel led research trials which demonstrated the usefulness of 'intra-operative fluid monitoring' and his papers have contributed to a UK NICE guideline. He is part of the multiprofessional team which has developed the ERAS+ programme incorporating Surgery School and ICOUGH for high risk surgical patients. He is the founding chair of PeriopMan – The Manchester Perioperative Medicine Society.

Dr Conway chaired ANWICU (Association of North Western Intensive Care Units) and has helped to develop service improvement projects across the region including delirium, tracheostomy care and invasive line management. He helped the Greater Manchester Critical Care Network devise a delirium management strategy and quality improvement project.

Daniel has a special interest in intensive care follow up and is the medical lead for ICU follow up services at Manchester Royal Infirmary, which coordinates rehabilitation and provides support for patients and families after critical illness. Dr Conway is a founder member of ICAN-UK, a network for health professionals, patients and carers who have experienced critical illness. Daniel co-chairs the Greater Manchester Trauma and Critical Care Rehabilitation Network.

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