Acute and Advanced Heart Failure: new data, new studies, new opinions, new trends

From 29 April to 2 May 2017 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, the Heart Failure Association of the European Society of Cardiology held its annual meeting. Within the programme, I highlighted a series of eleven 30-minute hands-on tutorials on the use of the inodilator levosimendan in acute and advanced heart failure. These were structured in several sessions touching on the therapeutic needs and options, comorbidities, scientific evidence, guidelines, and clinical practice. The take-home message was that the inodilator levosimendan is a tolerable and valid therapeutic option for patients in advanced heart failure. Chairs and lecturers were from Austria (G. Pölzl, J. Altenberger), Italy (G. Malfatto), Hungary (Z. Papp), Finland (V-P. Harjola, M. Kivikko), Sweden (K. Karason), Greece (J. Parissis), Denmark (F. Gustafsson), and Germany (D. Kindgen-Milles, C. Tschöpe). The eleven lectures were recorded and can be now seen here.


Publications (22)
  • ESC 2017 in Barcelona

    Professor Gerhard Pölzl discusses the European Society of Cardiology annual meeting 2017, where several sessions were held on the use of levosimendan in heart failure.


    Professor Gerhard Pölzl highlights the significance of the FIGHT, PERSIST and LEVOREP trials which investigate levosimendan as a treatment for heart failure.

  • LEODOR trial - recent advances

    There have been some recent achievements in the LEODOR trial including a new website to facilitate administration and communication and submission of a formal study protocol synopsis to the European Journal of Heart Failure.

  • Levosimendan roars ahead as LION-HEART results published

    Professor Gerhard Pölzl reports primary results from the LION-HEART study in the management of advanced heart failure where among secondary endpoints, patients treated with levosimendan experienced a reduction in the rate of HF-related hospitalisation compared with placebo.

  • What does the Advanced Heart Failure patient want?

    Professor Cynthia M Dougherty and colleagues outline an array of options for the treatment of advanced heart failure (HF) that create – quite reasonably – the impression that we are in a golden age of therapeutic possibilities for this difficult condition.

  • Recent literature

    Explore the April 2019 blog from Professor Gerhard Pölz focuses on some of the recent literature he has read.

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