Clinical Trials

Featured in the listing below are various clinical trials specific to acute and advanced heart failure. Click the links for more details about each trial and to access related content hosted by

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Effects of levosimendan on diaphragm function in mechanically ventilated patients

Conditions: Muscle weakness, weaning failure
Interventions: Drug – Levosimendan; Placebo

Levosimendan compassionate use in pediatric patients with advanced decompensated heart failure

Condition: Heart decompensation
Interventions: Drug – Levosimendan

Renal effects of levosimendan in patients admitted with acute decompensated heart failure

Conditions: Heart failure, renal insufficiency
Interventions: Drug – Levosimendan in addition to standard therapy; spironolactone, beta-blockers, etc.

Is levosimendan superior to milrinone regarding acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery for congenital heart disease?

Condition: Congenital heart defects
Interventions: Drug – Levosimendan; Milrinone

Levosimendan pharmacokinetics in children (LevoCorKids)

Condition: Acute heart failure in children under 16 years


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