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1 February 1997

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ABSTRACT: The impact of chronic urticaria (CU) on the quality of life is undocumented. We assessed quality of life in patients with CU, including patients with associated delayed pressure urticaria (DPU). One hundred and forty-two out-patients completed self-administered questionnaires: a disease-specific, purpose designed questionnaire, and the Nottingham health profile (NHP). Many patients reported problems attributable to their skin condition in facets of everyday life including home management, personal care, recreation and social interaction, mobility, emotional factors, sleep, rest and work. The NHP part I scores showed restriction in the areas of mobility, sleep, energy, and demonstrated pain, social isolation and altered emotional reactions. Part II of the NHP showed that patients experienced difficulties in relation to work, looking after the home, social life, home relationships, sex life, hobbies and holidays. The patients with DPU had significantly more problems with mobility, gardening and choice of clothing than the uncomplicated CU patients. They also suffered more pain, had more problems with work and were more restricted in their hobbies.

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