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ESMO Congress 2018 | Advances in Precision Cancer Care | Munich | 19-23 October 2018

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We’re reporting live from ESMO 2018, taking a look at some of the most exciting developments in precision cancer care.

Starting 19th October, we’ll be publishing daily reports [below] covering the latest scientific and clinical advances in medical oncology, across diseases, including:

  • Preliminary data from the phase III FLAURA study
  • Results of the Phase 3 SOLAR-1 trial
  • Survival results from STAMPEDE
  • Primary efficacy results from B-F1RST

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Note. These reports have been independently funded by epgonline.org as a service to medicine.

ESMO 2018

Advances in Precision Cancer Care

ESMO 2018 | Day 4 highlights

Posted 20 days ago

In our final report from ESMO 2018 we share insights from the Proffered paper session - Gastrointestinal tumours, colorectal, moderated by Dirk Arnold (Hamburg, DE) and Alfredo Falcone (Pisa, IT). Here, we cover survival data from the MODUL trial, comparing maintenance fluorouracil-bevacizumab and fluorouracil-bevacizumab plus atezolizumab in BRAF wild-type disease, and [in TRIBE2] consider the impact on PFS2 of an intensified treatment strategy versus a standard, sequential treatment strategy.

Advances in Precision Cancer Care

ESMO 2018 | Day 3 highlights

Posted 21 days ago

Sunday’s ESMO 2018 report comes from Presidential Symposium 2, moderated by Fortunato Ciardiello (Napoli, IT) and Josep Tabernero (Barcelona, ES). Here, we share key data and discussions from presentations on the STAMPEDE trial, looking at the role of prostate radiotherapy for patients with newly diagnosed metastatic prostate cancer and JAVELIN Renal 101, assessing avelumab plus axitinib as a first-line treatment option for patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma. 

Advances in Precision Cancer Care

ESMO 2018 | Day 2 highlights

Posted 22 days ago

Saturday’s ESMO 2018 report comes from Presidential Symposium 1, moderated by Andrés Cervantes (Valencia, ES) and Josep Tabernero (Barcelona, ES), discussing the scientific results and clinical implications of new data from the phase 3 IMpassion130, PALOMA-3 and SOLAR-1 trials. 

Advances in Precision Cancer Care

ESMO 2018 | Day 1 highlights

Posted 24 days ago

Today’s report come from the Proffered paper session - NSCLC, metastatic, focusing on presentations LBA50 and LBA51 discussing mechanisms of acquired resistance to osimertinib from the phase III trials FLAURA and AURA3, respectively.

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