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ECCO 2018: Science improving patients' lives

Introducing our congress round-up for healthcare professionals.

The largest and most influential congress dedicated to Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and inflammatory bowel disease recently took place in Vienna. You can read our review of the plenary sessions in five parts below.

Congress Round-up looking at key themes from ECCO 2018

Part 1 

The first in our series highlights information relating to the nature and treatment of IBD, which includes addressing the underlying inflammatory processes, as described in oral presentations given on Thursday 14 February — the first day of the plenary scientific programme and the parallel digital oral presentation sessions.

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Part 2 

Next in review we look at patients and the research reported in many of the abstract presentations which examines treatment of underlying inflammatory disease processes & how they may improve outcomes in IBD.

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Part 3

Discussion on presentations from ECCO that provided insights into the nature of the immunological changes associated with inflammation as well as the genetic influences behind such changes.

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Part 4

This article describes highlights from selected oral presentations, showing how novel research may be pointing the way to improved treatment options for patients with IBD.

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Part 5 - Now available

Advances in our understanding of IBD — the underlying inflammatory process and targeted treatments.

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