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INDICATIONS AND USAGE For collection of up to 210 ml of umbilical cord blood. Use aseptic technique. Sterile Exterior Contents inside overwrap pouch, within the foil envelope, are sterile and acceptable for use in a sterile field if pouch is unopened and undamaged; visual inspection to confirm the integrity of overwrap pouch should be performed.

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Acute and Advanced Heart Failure

Acute and Advanced Heart Failure

What are the most effective treatments for acute heart failure? Can you define advanced heart failure? Discover here...

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Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis causes great strain on the workforce. Help to reduce sick days and improve productivity with appropriate treatment options.

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Anticoagulation Therapy for Stroke Prevention

Anticoagulation Therapy for Stroke Prevention

Anticoagulation therapy for Stroke Prevention Learning Zone offers a deep-dive into atrial fibrillation causes, consequences, diagnosis and management to help you deliver optimal care and prevent strokes in patients living with this common arrhythmia.

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Special warnings and precautions
GENERAL PRECAUTIONS Do not use if the package is damaged or seal is incomplete. Use only if solution is clear. Sealing should be done in a manner that avoids fluid splatter. Always dispose of blood-contaminated products in a manner consistent with established BIOHAZARD safety procedures.

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Authorisation number NDA800222
Agency product number 593YOG76RN
Orphan designation No
Product NDC 62646-791
Date Last Revised 09-03-2011
Marketing authorisation holder Medsep Corporation