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Meta analysis of literature of efficacy and safety of exoskeleton-assisted walking in patients with spinal cord injury.- ReWalk Robotics Ltd.

ReWalk Robotics Ltd. announced the publication of the first systematic review and industry-wide meta-analysis of existing published literature assessing the...

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FDA approves ReWalk system for patients with lower body paralysis- ReWalk Robotics

The FDA has allowed marketing of the first motorized device intended to act as an exoskeleton for people with lower...

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Fibrinogen Deficiency in Bleeding

Fibrinogen Deficiency in Bleeding

Fibrinogen is important for blood clot formation and breakdown. It is the first coagulant factor to be reduced to critical levels during massive trauma, cardiac surgery and postpartum haemorrhage that involve excessive bleeding. Persistent fibrinogen deficiency can lead to bleeding complications and an increased risk in mortality. This learning zone looks at both congenital and acquired fibrinogen deficiencies including indications and techniques for diagnosis, trigger level for treatment and treatment options.



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Spinal injury: assessment and initial management

This guideline covers the assessment and early management of spinal column and spinal cord injury in pre-hospital settings (including ambulance services), emergency departments and major trauma centres.

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Urinary incontinence in neurological disease: assessment and management

This guideline covers assessing and managing urinary incontinence in children, young people and adults with neurological disease.

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Assessing the Efficacy of Prothrombin Complex Concentrate in Multiply Injured Patients With High-Energy Pelvic and Extremity Fractures

The use of PCC for reversing coagulopathy in multiply injured patients with pelvic and/or lower extremity fractures remains unclear. This study assesses the efficacy of PCC for reversing coagulopathy in this group of patients.

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Charcot arthropathy of the spine in spinal cord injured individuals with sacral deafferentation and anterior root stimulator implantation.

To investigate the occurrence of Charcot spinal arthropathy after sacral deafferentation and sacral anterior root stimulation of the bladder in patients suffering from neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction...

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Clinical effectiveness and safety of powered exoskeleton-assisted walking in patients with spinal cord injury: systematic review with meta-analysis.

Background: Powered exoskeletons are designed to safely facilitate ambulation in patients with spinal cord injury (SCI). We conducted the first...

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