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FDA rejects Prochieve(Watson Pharma) for risk reduction in PreTerm Birth

Watson Pharma has received a complete response letter from the FDA for its New Drug Application for Prochieve ( progesterone...

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FDA does not accept NDA for Crinone gel (Watson) for use in reducing risk of Preterm Birth

The FDA has issued a complete response to an NDA for Crinone (progesterone vaginal gel 8%), from Watson, for use...

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EPNS 2019 Congress Highlights

EPNS 2019 Congress Highlights

The team is creating daily reports from the 13th European Paediatric Neurology Society (EPNS) Congress, held in Athens, Greece from 17th to 21st September 2019, to bring you coverage of cutting-edge science and advances in clinical care across all fields of paediatric neurology. 

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL)

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL)

Refine your knowledge of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) with information on pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment options and more

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Preterm labour and birth

This guideline covers the care of women at increased risk of or with symptoms and signs of preterm labour (before 37 weeks) and women having a planned preterm birth.

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The Investigation and Management of the Small–for–Gestational–Age Fetus

The purpose of this guideline is to provide advice that is based on the best evidence where available to guide clinicians regarding the investigation and management of the SGA fetus.

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Do premature and postterm birth increase the risk of epilepsy? An updated meta-analysis.

Background: Many studies have reported that premature birth is associated with a higher incidence of epilepsy, and postterm birth also increases the risk of epilepsy. The effects of different gestational ages (GAs) on epilepsy...

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Immediate versus deferred delivery of the preterm baby with suspected fetal compromise for improving outcomes.

Immediate delivery of the preterm fetus with suspected compromise may decrease the risk of damage due to intrauterine hypoxia. However, it may also increase the risks of prematurity.

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Oxytocin, its antagonist Atosiban, and preterm labor: a role for placental nitric oxide.

Objective: The aim of the present study was to understand the role played by Atosiban, an oxytocin receptor antagonist, on...

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