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Myovant Sciences completes ptient recruitment for phase III SPIRIT 2 study evaluating relugolix combination therapy in women with endometriosis

Myovant Sciences announced that it has completed patient recruitment for its SPIRIT 2 study, the first of two Phase III...

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MDNA Life Sciences plans launch of first test for endometriosis

MDNA Life Sciences announces that it is to launch the Mitomic Endometriosis Test, the world’s first blood test for endometriosis,...

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FDA approves Orilissa to treat moderate to severe endometriosis pain.- AbbVie.

AbbVie in cooperation with Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc. announced that the FDA approved Orilissa (elagolix), the first and only oral gonadotropin-releasing...

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Recommendations for the Surgical Treatment of Endometriosis. Part 1: Ovarian Endometrioma

This document provides recommendations covering technical aspects of different methods of surgery for endometriomas in women of reproductive age.

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Endometriosis: diagnosis and management

This guideline covers diagnosing and managing endometriosis. It aims to raise awareness of the symptoms of endometriosis, and to provide clear advice on what action to take when women with signs and symptoms first present in healthcare settings.

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Conservative Surgery for Adenomyosis and Results: A Systematic Review.

The traditional treatment for women with symptomatic adenomyosis is hysterectomy. However, reproductive-aged women should be managed with less invasive treatments including medical treatment.

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Transvaginal Ultrasound for the Diagnosis of Adenomyosis: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Adenomyosis is characterized by the presence of ectopic foci of endometrial glandular tissue and/or stroma within the myometrium. The diagnosis of adenomyosis is traditionally made through histologic evaluation of the postsurgical specimen.

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Evidence Based Medicine: Pandora's Box of Medical and Surgical Treatment of Endometriosis.

Evidence based medical and surgical therapies of endometriosis remain debated. A discussion of their limitations and pitfalls might help the clinician. Statistical evidence, including the RCT, is the probability that the means of...

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