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Positive phase III results for StrataGraft regenerative tissue for burn wounds. Mallinckrodt PLC

Mallinckrodt PlC announced positive top-line results from its pivotal Phase III clinical trial of its investigational StrataGraft regenerative tissue. The...

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Mallinckrodt announces results of phase 1b clinical trial of StrataGraft

Mallinckrodt Plc announced publication of results of its Phase 1b clinical trial of StrataGraft, an investigational regenerative tissue...

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Phase III clinical DETECT study of NexoBrid meets primary endpoint in burns treatment.- MediWound

MediWound announced that it has met its primary and all secondary endpoints in its pivotal U.S. Phase III clinical study...

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Fibrinogen Deficiency in Bleeding

Fibrinogen Deficiency in Bleeding

Fibrinogen is important for blood clot formation and breakdown. It is the first coagulant factor to be reduced to critical levels during massive trauma, cardiac surgery and postpartum haemorrhage that involve excessive bleeding. Persistent fibrinogen deficiency can lead to bleeding complications and an increased risk in mortality. This learning zone looks at both congenital and acquired fibrinogen deficiencies including indications and techniques for diagnosis, trigger level for treatment and treatment options.



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ESPEN endorsed recommendations: Nutritional therapy in major burns

Nutrition therapy is a cornerstone of burn care from the early resuscitation phase until the end of rehabilitation. While several aspects of nutrition therapy are similar in major burns and other critical care conditions...

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Benzodiazepine-associated delirium in critically ill adults.

The association between benzodiazepine use and delirium risk in the ICU remains unclear.

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Sedation depth and long-term mortality in mechanically ventilated critically ill adults: a prospective longitudinal multicentre cohort study.

To ascertain the relationship among early (first 48 h) deep sedation, time to extubation, delirium and long-term mortality.

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Early intensive care sedation predicts long-term mortality in ventilated critically ill patients.

Choice and intensity of early (first 48 h) sedation may affect short- and long-term outcome.

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Assessment of the Reducting Effect of Dexmedetomidine on the Morphine Use for Severe Burned Patients

The new progresses relative to sedation-analgesia for resuscitation unit lead to perform a light and cooperative sedation as soon as possible in order to decrease the period of mechanical...

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