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Pooled data from phase III studies, shows terlipressin was associated with improved overall and transplant-free survival in hepatorenal syndrome type 1 patients.- Mallinckrodt

Mallinckrodt plc , announced results of a pooled analysis of terlipressin clinical trial data in patients with hepatorenal syndrome type...

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Positive results for recAP in sepsis patients with acute kidney injury.- AM Pharma. B.V.

AM Pharma B.V., a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of recombinant human Alkaline Phosphatase (recAP) for inflammatory diseases, announced...

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Acute kidney injury: prevention, detection and management

This guideline covers preventing, detecting, and managing acute kidney injury in children (aged above 1 month and below 12 years), young people (aged 12 to 17 years) and adults (aged 18 years or older).

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KDIGO Clinical Practice Guideline for Acute Kidney Injury

The 2011 KDIGO Clinical Practice Guideline for Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) aims to assist practitioners caring for adults and children at risk for or with AKI, including contrast-induced acute kidney injury (CI-AKI).

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Postoperative renal dysfunction after noncardiac surgery.

The narrative review aims to discuss recent results and important knowledge gaps regarding acute kidney injury (AKI) in postoperative patients undergone major noncardiac surgery.

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Comparative efficacy of drugs for preventing acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery: A network meta-analysis.

Acute kidney injury (AKI) occurs frequently after cardiac surgery and has been associated with increased hospital length of stay, mortality, and costs.

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Causal relationship between hypoalbuminemia and acute kidney injury.

Our meta-analysis published in 2010 provided evidence that low levels of serum albumin (hypoalbuminemia) are a significant independent predictor of acute kidney injury (AKI) and death following AKI.

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