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CardioVisual is a multimedia platform that provides clear and simple explanation of complex heart and vascular conditions, treatments and devices to patients and healthcare providers via short videos and illustrations. This tool aims to simplify patient understanding while saving time and improving efficiency for professionals.

Developed by cardiologists, CardioVisual is accessible on iPhones & iPads and is extremely useful for daily use in the office or hospital. A large compilation of high-quality, curated, commercial-free, short video animations are available to browse instantly within 3-taps! Most videos are less than two minutes in duration and provide clear and consistent information to patients.

Healthcare providers, including doctors and nurses, can utilize CardioVisual in a clinical setting to help patients fully understand complex cardiologic conditions, treatments and procedures. Patients can later review the same information from home on their own device when they have time to more thoroughly review and digest what their provider shared with them at the doctor's office.
Learning about various heart ailments with these short patient-friendly educational videos helps patients and their caretakers be better informed about their cardiovascular problems and their treatments.

Physicians, nurses and physician assistants find that the app is an excellent tool for teaching patients about various heart-related conditions such as congestive heart failure (and its different types), mechanism of heart attack, sleep apnea and other vascular and circulation problems. The app fully explains heart conditions as well as corresponding treatment options including devices and procedures enabling better understanding of procedures by patients and their caretakers. A better-informed patient makes for a more compliant and more satisfied patient.

- The content on CardioVisual is provided by multiple authoritative sources. It is high quality, curated, commercial-free and copyright-licensed, thereby making the platform ideal for providers and unbiased to their patients.

- Using videos rather than text allows for increased retention, leading to higher levels of patient clarity and understanding.

Many of the videos are in Spanish, allowing reach to larger group of patients and professionals.

Another well-liked feature of CardioVisual is the ability to draw on illustrations within the app. The draw-on tool allows professionals to mark-up images for enhanced discussions about unique anatomy or for patients who appreciate this type of learning experience.

As the world of cardiology is rapidly evolving, with new heart disease treatments emerging continually, CardioVisual is updated regularly with new videos and imagery to provide information about new procedures and treatments.

The app can be downloaded for FREE from the App Store in most countries.

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Release 2.4.3
> Improvements
– Introduced 5 minute delay before showing sponsored content


Requires iOS 8.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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