Insights from EADV 2018

EADV Congress 2018:

Bringing you the latest news and insights from 27th EADV Congress | 12–16 September 2018 Paris, France |

Day one - 12 September Day two - 13 September Day three - 14 September


Day four - 15 September Day five - 16 September


EADV Preview

EADV Congress 2018

EADV Congress 2018 

The 27th Annual Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV) took place in the beautiful city of Paris over the course of 12–16 September. It may now be over for another year, but you can still benefit from the insight and analysis of our reporting team who covered some of the most exciting scientific sessions in the field of medical dermatology. 

Read on for the daily highlights which were published each day after the Congress, including key data and discussions, plus the clinical interpretations of our team of expert writers.

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