• Cushing’s Syndrome

    What is Cushing’s Syndrome, what causes it and how do I recognise it in my patients? 

  • Diagnosis

    How are patients with Cushing’s Syndrome diagnosed? 

  • Disease Management

    How do the latest guidelines recommend Cushing’s Syndrome and its associated comorbidities are managed? 

  • Upcoming Events

    Find out more about upcoming congresses and meetings

  • Resources

    Discover local professional societies and patient groups


Cushing's Syndrome Knowledge Centre

Welcome to the Cushing’s Syndrome (CS) Knowledge Centre. This Knowledge Centre offers an overview of the epidemiology and pathophysiology of CS as well as guideline-defined best practice for its diagnosis and management. In addition, you can find sources of support via links to professional societies and patient groups.

  • Ashley Grossman Biography

    All content has been reviewed and supported by Professor Ashley Grossman. View his biography and disclosures here.


    Disease Overview

    Disease Overview

    Read about the epidemiology and pathophysiology of Cushing's Syndrome and associated symptoms.



    Discover how initial diagnosis of Cushing's Syndrome is followed up by a differential diagnosis to identify the cause of a patient's excessive cortisol level.

    Disease Management

    Disease Management

    Understand how treatment of Cushing's Syndrome and associated comorbidities is delivered in accordance with the clinical guideline recommendations.

    Case Studies

    Case Studies

    Consider the appropriate diagnostic and treatment approach to a selection of case studies, and compare your responses with Professor Grossman's recommendations.

    Congresses and Symposia

    Congresses and Symposia

    Consult the Events Calendar for upcoming scientific meetings relevant to Cushing's Syndrome and follow links to event websites.



    Gain access to external websites for scientific societies, patient organisations and other similar resources.


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