• HRA Pharma Rare Diseases Sponsored Symposium from ECE 2019

    View the highlights from the interactive HRA Pharma Rare Diseases satellite symposium that outlined the challenges and unmet need based on a survey of 164 patients, chaired by Professor Antoine Tabarin and Dr Elena Valassi

  • Case studies

    How would you diagnose and treat someone presenting with severe CS? What would you do if a patient presents with CS, but a normal pituitary MRI? Try our patient case studies and compare what you would do with the recommendations of our expert Professor Grossman.

  • Cushing’s Syndrome

    What is Cushing’s Syndrome, how does it present, what is its pathophysiology and how do I recognise it in my patients? 

  • Diagnosis

    Learn about the numerous tests that exist to help diagnose Cushing's, elucidating its specific cause so that it can be effectively treated.

  • Disease Management

    What are the latest guideline recommendations for Cushing's syndrome? What treatments are available to target different causes of the disease?

  • Congress & Symposia

    Explore a wide range of congress and symposia, held across the globe, that cover rare disease and endocrinological disorders. 


Cushing's Syndrome Knowledge Centre

Cushing’s Syndrome is a rare disease which is the physiological consequence of an excess of cortisol, either released from an endocrine tumour or from exogenous sources. In this educational resource, you will discover the symptoms of Cushing's syndrome in adults and find a detailed description of the pathophysiology and its resultant impact on morbidity and mortality.

Short of time?

Watch the following  2½ minute video which provides a brief introduction to Cushing’s Syndrome, including key information on diagnosis and management of the condition.


View details from the recent HRA Pharma Rare Disease sponsored symposium at the recent European Congress of Endocrinology, 2019 featured prominent speakers Professor Icaopo Chiodini, Dr Richard Feelders and Dr Cornelie D. Andela discussing key issues on important topics such as the need to maintain bone health, reducing thrombosis risk and the need for neurocognitive functioning to be front-of-mind to improve patient quality of life.

Within the Disease Overview section, details of: the history of Cushing's; its prevalence; the HPA axis, interactions between the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands;  ACTH-independent Cushing's; and its wide range of presentations and symptoms, such as hypertension, rounded face, thick skin and nephrolithiasis. The Diagnosis section provides details of several diagnostic methods, such as the 24-hour urinary free cortisol test, late-night salivary cortisol test, overnight dexamethasone suppression test and desmopressin test, as well as information on differential diagnoses to help find the cause of the disease. Discover what the ultimate expectations and goals are from treatment, the different comorbidities, current guidelines, transsphenoidal surgery, radiotherapy, bilateral adrenalectomy, pharmacological interventions and future treatments in the Disease Management section. 

Cushing's Syndrome case studies illustrate potential treatment pathways, along with guidance on diagnosis and disease management. 

  • Ashley Grossman Biography

    All content has been reviewed and supported by Professor Ashley Grossman. View his biography and disclosures here.





    Read about the epidemiology, pathophysiology and symptoms of Cushing's Syndrome. What role does cortisol play, who does it disproportionately affect and what is hirsutism?



    Discover how initial diagnosis of Cushing's Syndrome is followed up by a differential diagnosis to identify the cause of a patient's excessive cortisol level.



    Find out more about the wide array of treatments available for Cushing's Syndrome, such as adrenal steroidogenesis inhibitors and glucocorticoid receptor blockers. What are the guidelines recommendations?

    Case Studies

    Case Studies

    Consider the appropriate diagnostic and treatment approach to a selection of case studies, and compare your responses with Professor Grossman's recommendations.



    Consult our upcoming events calendar to view key information about endocrinology and rare disease congress and symposia worldwide.



    Further your knowledge and understanding of Cushing's Syndrome by visiting these useful external websites, for both you and your patients.


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