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We know that as a GP, it can be difficult to maintain a working knowledge of multiple conditions. We’ve developed this practical guide making it easier for you to read up on the definitions of allergy, autoimmunity and urticaria.

PCP checklist: an interactive tool

How often do you see patients presenting with hives, but aren’t sure on the diagnosis? Could it be CSU? Use this interactive tool in every day practice to support your diagnosis decisions and ensure you’re asking your patients the right questions.


Full reference list used throughout


PCP downloadable checklist

The PCP checklist provides helpful algorithms, disease and drug information to aid with the diagnosis and managment of CSU in primary care. We would like to thank Professor Ana Gimenez-Arnau and Dr Dermot Ryan for their assistance in developing the checklist. Click the link below to download.


Expert Insights

CSU in paediatric patients – what you need to know

Paediatric CSU expert Doctor Montse Alvaro gives a short summary on what and what not to do when treating paediatric patients with CSU for GPs, paediatricians and emergency room physicians.



These videos show patients discussing their first-hand experiences of chronic spontaneous urticaria, the process of diagnosis and the impact that the condition has on their daily lives

  • Discovering CSU

    CSU patient Daniel describes the worsening of his symptoms and talks about his experience upon first going to his doctor.

  • Impact on daily life

    Daniel, a CSU patient, explains the impact of the skin disease on his self-confidence, daily activities and social life.

  • Triggers of CSU

    Daniel recalls the lengthy process of eliminating possible triggers for his CSU in an attempt to reduce his symptoms.

  • Finding a dermatologist

    Meritxell, a CSU patient, describes how difficult it was to find a dermatologist who understood her disease, and talks about her symptoms and drowsiness during treatment with antihistamines.

  • Managing symptoms

    CSU patient Meritxell explains that being in control of your CSU allows you to lead a normal life and have normal relationships.


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