• Masatoshi Abe

Masatoshi Abe, Director of the Sapporo Skin Clinic, Research Institute of Pressure Sore and Wound Healing – Sapporo, Japan.

As well as being the Director of the Sapporo Skin Clinic, Professor Abe is also a lecturer at the Department of Gerontological Nursing/Wound Care Management, Tokyo University, Tokyo and at the Department of Dermatology, Jikei University School of Medicine, Tokyo. 

Professor Abe’s research in dermatology has mostly focused on pressure ulcers and psoriasis. He is also a guideline committee member for the Japanese Dermatological Association supporting the development of the guidelines for management of atopic dermatitis with biologics and the guidelines for treatment of psoriasis. Professor Abe is also a listed author for the wound/burn guidelines published in 2016.

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