• Current treatments

    Explore the clinical data of the approved CDK4/6 inhibitors including insights on their efficacy, safety, impact on quality of life, dosing regimens and monitoring requirements. 

  • CDK 4/6 pathway

    Learn more about the cell cycle and the role of CDK4/6 in cell proliferation and breast cancer. 

  • Metastatic breast cancer treatment goals

    Communication between patients and physicians could frequently be improved. Read more about shared-decision making and the importance of patients’ opinion in treatment goals.

  • The burden of metastatic breast cancer

    Metastatic breast cancer can significantly impact a patient’s quality of life. Learn more about the impact it has and the need to protect QoL during treatment. 


Welcome to the CDK4/6 Inhibitors in Metastatic Breast Cancer Learning Zone. Our aim is to provide healthcare professionals with an educational resource detailing insights and information across a range of topics related to metastatic breast cancer (mBC) and CDK4/6 signalling. This includes the burden and pathophysiology of the disease, the role of CDK4/6 in cell proliferation and an overview of the CDK4/6 inhibitors that have been approved for the management of mBC.

Details covered within the Learning Zone include the prevalence and incidence of mBC, the emotional and physical burden it places on patients as well as the classification of breast cancer and biomarkers that enable some personalisation of care. Also covered are the treatment goals for patients with mBC and the need for multidisciplinary care. In addition to an introduction to CDK4/6 signalling and its role in the cell cycle and breast cancer, we also address the development of CDK4/6 inhibitors, their mechanism of action, and the clinical trial programmes that led to the approval of currently available CDK4/6 inhibitor therapies as well as an overview of the available real-world data.


Clinical Education

Clinical Education

Metastatic breast cancer places a significant burden on patients. Read about the impact it has on quality of life as well as how treatment can be personalised and what the goals of treatment should be.

CDK 4/6 Pathway

CDK 4/6 Pathway

CDK4/6 inhibitors represent a new class of therapy in metastatic breast cancer. Discover the role that CDK4/6 plays in cell proliferation and cancer progression.

Current Treatments

Current Treatments

In recent years, three CDK4/6 inhibitors have received FDA approval for the treatment of mBC. Explore the clinical trial and real-world data available for each.


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