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Time2DoMore™ in diabetes

Discover what is meant by clinical inertia, its impact on type 2 diabetes management as well as understanding more about the Time2DoMoreTM initiative.

What is the Time2DoMoreTM initative and how can it help overcome treatment inertia?

The Time2DoMoreTM in diabetes initiative sought to understand why we are not able to reach glycaemic goals in type 2 diabetes patients and what are the barriers to optimised diabetes care. By speaking to 337 physicians and 652 patients from around the world, the initiative gained a valuable insight into the challenges faced by patients with type 2 diabetes and their doctors (Strain et al., 2014a). 

A disconnect in communication and low expectations were identified as core issues with the management of this chronic condition (Strain, 2014; Strain et al., 2014a; Strain et al., 2014b). Watch the following animations and videos to get a better understanding of the Time2DoMoreTM initiative findings – both from the patient’s perspective and the physician’s.

The Time2DoMoreTM initiative identified a number of factors that physicians treating type 2 diabetes could improve. The following videos discuss one factor that needs to be overcome – clinical inertia.

Clinical inertia – is it time to do more? 

Time2DoMoreTM is a global programme funded by Novartis in partnership with leading diabetes experts. Choose from the physician and patient videos below to find out more about the barriers to optimal care and discover potential solutions to improve disease management.