Management of type 2 diabetes in women

The management of type 2 diabetes in women webinar offers interesting insights into the treatment of female patients at different stages of life.

Presentation 1; Professor Matthias Blüher (05.13–22.43): The metabolic young: what are the risk factors for type 2 diabetes in young women and what are the resultant challenges faced by these patients later in their life? 

Presentation 2; Professor Chantal Mathieu (23.54–42.51): The dynamic and hormonal: what considerations need to be made when managing women of child-bearing age with type 2 diabetes? How does this change for planned and unplanned pregnancies and what should be done at the onset of the menopause?  

Presentation 3; Dr David Strain (43.54–01.00.09): The octogenarian female patient: Dr David Strain explores the individualisation of care for elderly female patients with type 2 diabetes.

Presentation 4; The panel (01.00.29–01.27.56): In the final session, the expert panel address questions from the audience.