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The following recordings from Novartis-sponsored scientific webinars provide important insights into the management of type 2 diabetes throughout the different stages of life, detailing the female patients' experience, as well as in different regions of the world.

The first webinar explores the management of type 2 diabetes in female patients during the different stages of life, consisting of three presentations including 'The octogenarian female patient' and 'The dynamic and hormonal' and an interactive panel discussion. In the second webinar, issues such as the impact of physician and patient gender, treatment in low resource settings, the need for better patient communication, and the effects of fasting during Ramadan in patients with type 2 diabetes are addressed.

The webinar on this site is intended for non-promotional scientific purposes only and has been independently developed by the speakers. Novartis Pharma AG is the industry sponsor. The views presented are the views of the presenter, not necessarily those of Novartis Pharma AG.

Management of type 2 diabetes in women


The Management of type 2 diabetes in women webinar offers interesting insights into the treatment of female patients at different stages of life.

Presentation 1; Professor Matthias Blüher (05.13–22.43): The metabolic young: what are the risk factors for type 2 diabetes in young women and what are the resultant challenges faced by these patients later in their life? 

Presentation 2; Professor Chantal Mathieu (23.54–42.51): The dynamic and hormonal: what considerations need to be made when managing women of child-bearing age with type 2 diabetes? How does this change for planned and unplanned pregnancies and what should be done at the onset of the menopause?  

Presentation 3; Dr David Strain (43.54–01.00.09): The octogenarian female patient: Dr David Strain explores the individualisation of care for elderly female patients with type 2 diabetes.

Presentation 4; The panel (01.00.29–01.27.56): In the final session, the expert panel address questions from the audience.


The impact of gender, geography and fasting on type 2 diabetes management

Watch more expert insights and discover the role gender, geography and fasting can play in type 2 diabetes management in the second of the webinars in the DIAbetes experts online (DIAL) series.

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Dr Kirtida Acharya, Dr Aus Alzaid, Dr Mohamed Hassanein