DIAL Webinars

In this Novartis sponsored DIAL webinar series, Dr Helmut Brath, Professor Dr Xavier Cos and Professor Chantal Mathieu address key issues around the important role of the physician in maintaining long-term medication adherence, the need for improved communication with patients and how individualising treatment can all help optimise diabetes treatment.

DIAL webinar – Dr Helmut Brath: From clinical to practical guidance

Is it time to do more? Dr Helmut Brath looks at the physician and patient barriers to treatment and discusses how to find a walkable way to help patients achieve their goals.

According to the EDGE study only 47% of patients adhere to their diabetes medication. But is this the fault of the physician or the patient? Dr Brath investigates how treatment should be evidence based and adapted to the individual with individualised goals and care to ensure the best possible outcomes.

DIAL webinar - Professor Dr. Xavier Cos: Building a health partnership between physician and patient

How can individualised care be best delivered? What’s the best way to motivate patients in real life?

Professor Dr. Cos explores the barriers existing for both physicians and patients in type 2 diabetes management. He also provides examples of successful programmes that have been improving diabetes management through better communication and shared decision making.

DIAL webinar – Professor Chantal Mathieu: Individualizing treatment in type 2 diabetes

See why it’s so important to put the patient at the centre of care. Professor Mathieu discusses the ADH / EASD 2015 guidelines and gives an overview of tailoring treatment according to patient characteristics.

For best management of diabetes it’s important to acknowledge the need for multifunctional treatment. Explore the American Diabetes Association / European Association for the Study of Diabetes (ADA / EASD) algorithm, and discover how differentiation of treatment choice should be based on individual patient characteristics, patient preference and involve shared decision making and a management plan that is regularly reviewed.

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