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Welcome to the Bedwetting Knowledge Centre, containing information on nocturnal enuresis including correct diagnosis and screening, the importance of treatment and the psychological impact of this disease. We also provide links to useful resources, information on clinical guidelines, materials from scientific meetings and events, analysis of relevant published articles and access to three interactive case studies. As World Bedwetting Day 2017 approaches, we will keep you updated with information on this annual event.

Featured Publication Digest

Optimizing response to desmopressin in patients with monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis

This review article sought to review best practice in selecting patients for desmopressin therapy, and to provide recommendations to optimise treatment. Desmopressin is a first-line therapy available for enuresis caused by nocturnal polyuria. A recent study demonstrated that by optimising factors surrounding treatment, even ‘resistant’ cases could be effectively treated. The authors suggest eight considerations for treatment.

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Management of primary nocturnal enuresis