Problematic pruritus in atopic dermatitis

Itch is the most important clinical symptom in atopic dermatitis and has been shown to have a profound impact on the quality of life of both child and adult patients (Blume-Peytavi & Metz, 2012; Wollenberg et al., 2018). Importantly, chronic pruritus affects nearly everyone with atopic dermatitis with a point prevalence of 87–100% (Yosipovitch et al., 2002; Dawn et al., 2009).

"Without adequate therapy that addresses both the pathophysiological and emotional component of atopic dermatitis-related itch, problems with disease management and adherence to therapy amass in children, putting these patients at increased risk for the long-term sequelae associated with paediatric atopic dermatitis." (Blume-Peytavi & Metz, 2012).