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    New presentations from ISICEM 2017 by Stefaan Bouchez, Dominique Bettex and Alexandre Mebazaa


    Acute Heart Failure


    Epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment details for acute heart failure


    Advanced Heart Failure


    Pathophysiology, signs and symptoms and treatment details for advanced heart failure

Acute and Advanced Heart Failure Knowledge Centre

Welcome to the AAHF Knowledge Centre. Here we provide overviews of acute heart failure and advanced heart failure, including epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment.

You will also find useful links, videos, clinical trials, featured publications and events within the knowledge centre. Newly featured are video presentations from ISICEM 2017.

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Details of relevant clinical trials, and useful links to external sites and sources.


Acute Heart Failure Overview

An overview of acute heart failure, including sections about epidemiology, signs and symptoms, pharmacological treatment and non-pharmacological treatment.

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Advanced Heart Failure Overview

Pages detailing the pathophysiology, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment can be found within this educational overview
of advanced heart failure.