Diagnosis & Assessment

Patient Based

Sexual history

The sexual history may include information about previous and current sexual relationships, current emotional status, onset and duration of the erectile problem, as well as possible previous consultations and treatments. Detailed descriptions of the quality of both erotic and morning erections, in terms of rigidity and duration, as well as arousal, ejaculation and orgasmic problems, should be discussed. The use of validated questionnaires, such as the International Index for Erectile Function (IIEF), may be helpful in order to assess all sexual function domains (erectile function, orgasmic function, sexual desire, ejaculation, intercourse and overall satisfaction), but also the impact of a specific treatment modality1.

Health questionnaires help screen for and evaluate erectile dysfunction and may help in the primary care setting.

International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) Questionnaire

A patient based questionnaire which targets the effects the erection problems have had on the patient‘s sex life, over the past 4 weeks. It comprises 5 domains such as:  Erectile Function, Orgasmic Function, Sexual Desire, Intercourse Satisfaction, and Overall Satisfaction.1

For the rating of ED usually the IIEF-EF (Erectile Function domain) is used with a grading of the total score as:

0-6 Severe erectile dysfunction
7-12 Moderate erectile dysfunction
13-18 Mild to moderate erectile dysfunction
19-24 Mild erectile dysfunction
25-30 No dysfunction

SEP (Sexual Encounter Profile)

The SEP is used to assess individual sexual encounters. Patients record responses to five questions on the outcome of each sexual attempt with his partner in a diary.1

The five questions are:

1. Wespes, E, Amar, E, Hatzichristou, D, Hatzimouratidis, K, Montorsi, F, Pryor, J, Vardi Y; EAU. EAU Guidelines on erectile dysfunction: an update. Eur Urol. 2006 May;49(5):806-15.

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