Medical Journal Abstracts


Medical Journal Abstracts

The medical journal abstracts section provides healthcare professionals with access to key journal abstracts. Bringing together articles from a full range of sources, this resource aims to provide doctors with a starting point for their journal research.

The regularly updated journals can be sorted by disease/condition, source name and the date of publication. Alternatively they can be accessed within the relevant disease topic areas, via the collapsible menu at the top of each page of the website.


Lastest Medical Journal Abstracts

The outcome of cryoablation in treating advanced pancreatic cancer: A comparison with palliative bypass surgery alone

4 days ago -  Journal of Digestive Diseases

Objective: This study aimed to investigate the efficacy and safety of palliative bypass surgery combined with cryoablation in treating patients with advanced pancreatic cancer and compare this ...

17-Italian Foot Function Index with numerical rating scale: development, reliability, and validity of a modified version of the original Foot Function Index

10 days ago -  The Foot

Background: Clinical research quantifies symptoms and signs of pain. Objective: To develop a brief outcome measure to assess foot and ankle conditionsthe psychometric properties of a ...

Acupuncture for the Treatment of Vulvodynia

Wed 08 Oct 2014 -  Journal of Midwifery & WomenÂ’s Health

Purpose: A randomized controlled pilot study was conducted to evaluate the effect of an acupuncture protocol for the treatment of vulvodynia. Hypotheses: 1Acupuncture reduces vulvar pain ...

Early radiographic and clinical results of Salto Total Ankle Arthroplasty as a Fixed-Bearing Device

Wed 08 Oct 2014 -  Foot and Ankle Surgery

Background: Total ankle replacement has increased in popularity in the management of severe tibiotalar arthritisMost previous clinical reports focused on mobile-bearing designs. This study ...

Adhesion of flexor hallucis longus at the site of a tibial-shaft fracture - a cause of a Checkrein deformity

Wed 08 Oct 2014 -  Foot and Ankle Surgery

Post-traumatic adhesion of toe flexors at the tibial fracture site resulted in checkrein deformity is rare and only a few case reports or case series were reported in the English literatureMajor ...

Multimodal Endovascular Palliation for Femoral Arterial Blowout in the Setting of Metastatic Vulvar Carcinoma

Wed 08 Oct 2014 -  Annals of Vascular Surgery

Background: Vascular blowout syndrome is a well-knownlife-threatening condition complicating advanced stage head and neck malignancies but has rarely been reported in the gynecologic oncology ...

Causes and consequences of portal vein thrombosis in 1243 patients with cirrhosis: results of a longitudinal study

Mon 06 Oct 2014 -  Hepatology

Background &Aims: In cirrhosisportal vein thrombosis (PVTcould be a cause or a consequence of the progression of liver diseaseWe analyzed data from a prospective trial of ultrasound ...

Sleep disturbance in Osteoarthritis: Linkages with pain, disability and depressive symptoms

Mon 06 Oct 2014 -  Arthritis Care & Research

Objective: It is known that osteoarthritis (OAincreases risk of sleep disturbanceand that both pain and sleep problems may trigger functional disability and depressionHoweverstudies ...

OnabotulinumtoxinA (Botox) Nerve Blocks Provide Durable Pain Relief for Men with Chronic Scrotal Pain: A Pilot Open-Label Trial

Mon 06 Oct 2014 -  The Journal of Sexual Medicine

Introduction: Chronic scrotal pain (CSPis a commonoften debilitatingcondition affecting approximately 4.75of menWhile nerve blocks using local anesthetics usually provide temporary pain ...

Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in Trans People: Associations with Psychological Symptoms, Victimization, Interpersonal Functioning, and Perceived Social Support

Mon 06 Oct 2014 -  The Journal of Sexual Medicine

Introduction: There is a paucity of systematic research in the area of non-suicidal self-injury (NSSIin trans people. Aim:   The aim of this study was to investigate the ...

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