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Ask The Geriatrician - The Physiology of Ageing
Ask The Geriatrician - The Physiology of Ageing

Recent Drug Updates

Clinical Guidelines

Falls: assessment and prevention of falls in older people

Jun 2013

This clinical guideline extends and replaces NICE clinical guideline 21 (published November 2004)...

... It offers evidence-based advice on preventing falls in older people. New recommendations have been added about preventing falls in older people during a hospital stay. All people aged 65 or older are covered by all guideline recommendations. People aged 50 to 64 who are admitted to hospital and are judged by a clinician to be at higher risk of falling because of an underlying condition are also covered by the guideline recommendations about assessing and preventing falls in older people during a hospital stay.

Managing older people with type 2 Diabetes

Jan 2013

This Guideline has been structured into main chapter headings dealing with expected areas such as..

... cardiovascular risk, education, renal impairment, diabetic foot disease and so on, but also includes less commonly addressed areas such as seen such as sexual health. Also included is a section of ‘special considerations’ where areas such as pain and end of life care are addressed.

Clinical Trials

Early Geriatric Evaluation and Treatment in Patients With Advanced Lung Cancer. A Pilot


A Pilot. Randomised Controlled study. Early geriatric assessment and tailored treatment applied to patients with widespread Non Small Cel lung Cancer (NSCLC). On the day of planning the oncologic treatment Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) will be offered to patients aged 60 and up. Based on the CGA a tailored..

... multidisciplinary intervention is planned with the patients. The study aim is to test different screening methods to find the best suited method to select the frail geriatric patients in order to be able to select the frail patients in a planned later study, estimate the effect of CGA on these patients in order to be able to calculate the needed number of patients and to estimate the time consumption in this latter study . The hypothesis is that the screening method G8 is superior to Performance Status(PS) and clinical oncologist´ evaluation and that CGA improves survival amongst Patients aged 60 or more with NSCLC and prevents hospitalisation and complications to the oncologic treatment.

Treatment of Chronic Pain From Osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis is a common joint disorder in the elder population.The current treatment options include both a non-pharmacological approach (physiokinesitherapy, diet) or if this fails, a pharmacological approach that relies in the first instance on drugs such as paracetamol, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (including..

... inhibitors of cyclo-oxygenase). However, the use of these drugs is limited, by the roof effect concerning analgesia, and by the potential side effects. When pharmacological treatments with non-opioid medications fail, and a moderate-to-severe pain reduces the quality of life of the patient, international guidelines suggest the use of opioid drugs.
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