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YUTOPAR (Ritodrine) - United Kingdom

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Yutopar Tablets: Follow-on to Yutopar

Tablets: Follow-on to parenteral therapy to maintain uterine quiescence.

Yutopar: Uncomplicated preterm labour between 24 - 33 weeks gestation. To delay delivery to enable glucocorticosteroids or other measures to be used.

YUTOPAR Description, Presentation and Dosage

YUTOPAR Description

YUTOPAR Drug Class Description

b-agonists (beta-agonists, beta- adrenoceptor stimulants).

YUTOPAR Drug Description

Yutopar Tablets: yellow, scored tablet marked YUTOPAR. Yutopar: ampoule.

YUTOPAR Generic Name


YUTOPAR Presentation

YUTOPAR Presentation

Yutopar Tablets: Ritodrine hydrochloride 10 mg . Yutopar: Ritodrine hydrochloride 10 mg /mL.

YUTOPAR Manufacturer


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YUTOPAR Adult Dosage

Yutopar Tablets: 1 approximately 30 minutes before termination of intravenous therapy. Maintenance: 1 two hourly for 24 hours, then 1 or 2 four to six hourly.

Yutopar: Initially 50 microgram/ minute intravenously in 5% dextrose solution, increase gradually until control. Usual range, 150 - 350 microgram/ minute. Continue infusion for 12 - 48 hours after contractions have stopped. Use a syringe pump to reduce fluid overload.

YUTOPAR Child Dosage

Not applicable.

YUTOPAR Precautions, Reactions and Contraindications

YUTOPAR Special Precautions

YUTOPAR Special Precautions

Avoid fluid overload; keep intravenous fluids to minimum and monitor maternal hydration. Multiple pregnancy, suspected cardiovascular disease, maternal infection, hyperthyroidism, hypertension, diabetes. Monitor maternal and foetal heart rate.

YUTOPAR Adverse Reactions

YUTOPAR Adverse Reactions

Maternal pulmonary oedema (withdraw drug immediately and institute diuretic therapy). Tachycardia, flushing, sweating, nausea, chest pain, arrhythmia, vomiting, rise in blood sugar, tremor, leucopenia and/or agranulocytosis, impaired liver function, raised liver transaminases, enlarged salivary glands, increased amylase

YUTOPAR Contraindications

YUTOPAR Contraindications

Antepartum haemorrhage, eclampsia, pre-eclampsia, cord compression, foetal death, chorioamnionitis, maternal cardiac disease.

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